A Continuation of the Adventures of Old Dame Trot and Her Comical Cat, first published by J. Harris in 1806, begins right where the original story leaves off. With the cat dressed in her fancy human clothes, the amazed Dame Trot goes off to invite her friends over to marvel at the cat. Immediately, there is a clear difference between this story and the original: the continuation has 8 lines per page, and the illustrations are colored and more detailed. The story itself is similarly different, with more coherency and narrative throughout.

After the dame leaves to fetch her friends, the cat catches the door and flees the house. As she revels in her ability to walk around on two legs in the fine clothing, she takes her escape a step further by stealing a horse, astonishing the various passers-by. Eventually she comes upon an inn, where she is greeted as a guest by the owner, who gives her milk and apologizes for a lack of mice. The cat stays the night, but in the morning is discovered by an incensed Dame Trot, who drags her all the way home.

Versions: 1806A, 1814B, 1820F, 1840C, 1888, 1892B

Another format of sequel, separate from the prior, involves the cat getting married and having children. The kittens then do a series of their own shenanigans, following the initial pattern of Dame Trot fetching something or other and swiftly returning to discover whatever the pets have gotten up to. At the end of these books, the woman often becomes a governess to the kittens, teaching them to read and write.

Versions: 1806C, 1806D, 1810A, 1814B, 1818