We’ve collected here two different bibliographies. The first is a comprehensive bibliography of all known Dame Trot publications, including those which Bryn Mawr College does not own copies of.

The second is a bibliography for secondary literature about the Dame Trot narrative. Dame Trot has not been a particularly popular subject of study, and thus this website is the most comprehensive collection of resources on the subject. However, the bibliography of secondary sources provided here may provide useful points of comparison or analysis for those interested in learning more about this colorful character.

Little has been written on Dame Trot specifically, although a recent dissertation by Karen Williams devotes considerable space to the Old Dame Trot narrative in her discussion of humor in children’s chapbooks of the first half of the 19th century. Williams examines the story’s early publication history and traces some trends of the story’s and characters’ development over this time period. We hope that the resources collected here will continue to aid and inspire more research on this underappreciated set of narratives!