Who Built Bryn Mawr?

Fall 2020

This project is organized by the Office of the President in partnership with Library & Information Technology Services’ Special Collections and Makerspace departments based on recommendations from the Telling Bryn Mawr Histories Group and the History Advisory Group.

1960s Students Confronting Race

Summer 2021

Who Built Bryn Mawr?: 1960s Students Confronting Race was researched and curated by Keyla Benitez (Class of 2024), Bankston Creech (Class of 2022), Elliot Fleming (Class of 2022), and Carolina Molina (Class of 2023). Emma Ruth Burns (Class of 2021) and Katy Rosenthal (Graduate Student, History of Art) acted as project assistants, with faculty and staff advisors Ignacio Gallup-Diaz, Allison Mills, Carrie Robbins, and Monique Scott.