Archival Sources

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A Limited Student Exchange: Bryn Mawr and Southern Historically Black Colleges and Universities

A Marketplace of Radical Ideas: The Second American Revolution Conference at Bryn Mawr College (February 7-9, 1964)

Southern Activism And A Northern Campus: Bryn Mawr Students in Solidarity with the Fight for Civil Rights

Attention Must Be Paid: Students Speak Out Against the Maids and Porters System

Maids and Porters – Housekeeping – Clippings and Misc.
Maids and Porters – Housekeeping – Clippings and Misc.
Office of the President
Maids and Porters – Housekeeping – Clippings and Misc.
Attention Must be Paid
List of demands submitted by Bryn Mawr’s African American student population to President Katherine MacBride
Combined Meeting of Executive and Advisory Boards
Minutes of the Executive Board
Meeting With Miss McBride to Discuss Maids and Porters System
Civil Rights Club

All The Truth We Can Get: The Beginnings of the Bryn Mawr College Black Studies Program

Cultural Pride as Activism: The Black Arts Festivals at the Bi-Co (1968, 1969)

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