Votes for Women rose. Women's Suffrage Ephemera Collection, Bryn Mawr College Library

Dedicated to the Cause:
Bryn Mawr Women and the Right to Vote

The story of the fight for the right of women to vote in the United States is a familiar one, but less well known is the important role played in the movement by Bryn Mawr women. This exhibition attempts to fill the gap by looking at the pro-suffrage activities on campus and the engagement of students and alumnae in the national movement.

Bryn Mawr was known as the most pro-suffrage of the women's colleges. President M. Carey Thomas, her friend and member of the board Mary Garrett, and Dean Marion Reilly all held leadership positions in the National College Equal Suffrage League, and the campus boasted one of the League's first student chapters. Bryn Mawr regularly sponsored talks by the most important leaders of the suffrage movement, including Susan B. Anthony, and Bryn Mawr alumnae held critical positions in both the moderate National American Woman Suffrage Association and the more radical National Woman's Party.

This exhibition draws from the extensive collection of pro- and anti-suffrage materials in the Bryn Mawr College Library Special Collections, particularly the Carrie Chapman Catt papers and photograph albums.

                                                                                                         Amanda Zehnder and Barbara Ward Grubb
                                                                                                         Exhibition Organizers

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