The Perry House Oral Histories Project

Black and white interior photograph of the windows of Perry House.
Interior window of Perry House. Image courtesy Alexis De La Rosa ’15

Perry House was originally envisioned as an African-American student residence and cultural center. In response to protests by Black Bryn Mawr students, Perry House—formerly “Spanish House”—opened in 1972. It operated from 1972 to 2013 when it was taken offline as a student residence. Because there are few records about Perry House and Perry House residents, we risk losing access to this crucial part of our history. The Perry House Oral Histories Project seeks to build a collection of oral histories related to Perry House and its affiliated communities.

This project connects current Bryn Mawr students with graduates, faculty, and staff who were part of the larger Perry House community. We aim to grow our collective understanding of past graduates’ contributions to and experience of Bryn Mawr College. This project will fill in the missing pieces of our collective history, particularly pieces—and people—that have been invisible or overlooked before now.